Below you will find all the necessary information to register for the tournament.
When you open the link below, you will download a document in Excel (.xlsx) you'll need to fill it and send it by an email to the address you will find at the end of the website:
For any doubt, you can contact us through the same email above or calling by phone at the following number: Mobile / Whatsapp: +34 607 575 687

Important: All data requested are necessary for the register. In addition, attach a list of all the players that participaten the tournament. The deadline to sign up is 06/29/2017.


Are the 100 euros of deposit included in the price per team, per Club or go apart?
They go by Club, regardless of the number of teams that inscribe at the tournament. At the end of the tournament, if there has been no incident, it will be returned.

Is the price per team for each player?
No, it is the price per team, regardless of the number of players.

How much does each player have to pay individually to participate in the tournament?
It depends on the type of accommodation you want to choose. If no type of accommodation is chosen the price is 45 euros per person.

Is there a discount to bring more teams from the same Club?
Of course! It all depends on the amount of equipment you bring. For example, by bringing three teams you pay (110+50+30) euros = 190 euros, which means that you save 140 euros.

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